Are you a "real entrepreneur?"

Real entrepreneurs have to be able to enjoy, love and embrace the financial burden that comes along with its role. If you’re unable to do this, and the pressure is placed on your supporting team, you will end up losing them! True me, I know from experience. Real entrepreneurs love the financial risk! It’s like a drug in business that keeps you high! It’s not only the financial risk you must love, it’s also loving problems and giving them quick solutions, wanting control and power, having an enormous amount of self-confidence, being a role-model, knowing how to juggle numbers, wanting to be a winner at all costs, thriving off of learning and growing, having entrepreneurial intuition and lastly, having the faith to listen to your employees, trust their skill set and letting them do the job they’re good at. Every company needs employees, freelancers, and experts but they also need a “real entrepreneur” – and this should be you! Nobody else, and I mean nobody, can be the pumping heart of your company.

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