If there’s passion, there’s success.

Passion originates from the heart and just like in the human body; the heart is the one single most important organ that pumps blood and oxygen to keep us alive. The same can be said for entrepreneurship; passion is one of the most important factors that will determine failure or success. When you’re contemplating becoming an entrepreneur, make sure that you’re extremely passionate about the product or service you’re going to be providing. When I say passionate, I mean you’re absolutely in love with your product or service – you think about it twenty-four seven. Your wheels are constantly turning coming up with new ideas for your business. You love waking up in the morning and pursuing the adventure and just before you go to bed, you’re jotting down even more ideas. So, if passion is what’s truly fuelling your entrepreneurial ideas then you are at the right starting place…if not, then you might reconsider your direction!

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