Making mistakes are necessary for success!

Mistakes are a big part of becoming an entrepreneur and are necessary for success. It sounds crazy and it indeed takes a while to come to accept that notion. I’ve learned that we first have to make mistakes and then we have to find out what that error taught us. Each mistake will make you as an entrepreneur, a bit better or a bit worse. The key lies in how you decide to use that experience; can you remember the last time you made a mistake? How did you react? Did you lie? – I didn’t do that! Did you not want to believe it? Did you blame someone else or did you simply give up? How about asking yourself; “what can I learn from the mistake and what should I do to ensure it doesn’t happen again in the future?” How do I solve the problem? Can I find some mirth in it? Every experience should be like a light house guiding us toward the right path.

Mistakes bring excitement and progress in our lives. In reality, we learn more from our mistakes that than we do from our successes. The path to learning and growing is indeed defined by our mistakes and in our responses to them and people should learn to allow themselves to experiment with their missteps. Mistakes will pay themselves back in the future; it’s up to you to decide if you see them as cost or an investment. When mistakes are seen as cost, many people pull back as soon as they enter a rocky situation. When I hear the words, “I’m never going to that again,” I know this person has stopped growing and learning. They’ve been held back because they’ve been let down.

Successful entrepreneurs learn to embrace the situation, solve it, learn from it and then to just let it go. They see mistakes as investments for the future. They’re thankful for mistakes because they know the investment will bring them great returns in the future. Mistakes therefore are in effect, opportunities and as such are proof that you’re alive and investing into the future - the path to success will always be through them.

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